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About ICBA Bancard

Bancard Overview Brochure ThumbnailICBA Bancard provides marketing, reporting, and consultative support to help independent community banks offer their own branded credit and debit cards to consumers and small businesses. A for-profit subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), we are the nation's premier provider of payment solutions for community banks - a result of our ability to access best-of-class services by leveraging their purchasing power. Click on the image to the right to view our product and services brochure.


Founded to Help Community Banks Compete

ICBA Bancard came into being in 1986, when the cost and complexity of issuing credit cards forced most independent community banks to act as selling agents for another bank's cards. In founding ICBA Bancard, ICBA's goal was to give its member banks access to comprehensive, affordable card services that would help them maintain control of their customer relationships.

Today, ICBA Bancard also serves as an advocate for independent community banks in national policy discussions about payment systems. Part of our mission is to educate community banks about the need to actively offer payment services in order to retain their best customers, earn profitable returns, and be respected as full-fledged participants in the marketplace.


How We Provide Value

ICBA Bancard unites the combined strength of ICBA's nearly 5,000 members with the high-quality personal service characteristic of independent community banks. As the source of the best pricing, programs, and consultative support in the industry, we help banks:

  • Build a card portfolio of their own to increase revenue and broaden customer relationships
  • Reduce risk and expense from an existing portfolio while maintaining a strong revenue stream

For community banks that prefer not to issue their own credit cards, we can provide custom-branded credit cards, affinity cards, Visa® Platinum cards, or Visa® Business cards through our subsidiary, TCM Bank, N.A.


Our Partners

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Introducing: ICBA Bancard’s Definitive Guide to Card Marketing

Looking to create a card program that gets noticed and generates profits? Your search is over. Introducing “Card Marketing for Main Street,” a comprehensive, results-oriented guide designed to help community bankers like you develop and maintain a profitable card business. Learn more.