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Managed Risk Agent Credit Card Issuing

Credit cards are a vital part of almost everyone’s personal financial relationship. Now more than ever, community banks are seeing the value of offering a well rounded selection of financial products and services aimed at gaining their customers loyalty and becoming their primary financial institution.

While almost every bank needs to offer a credit card program, not every bank is interested in maintaining their own portfolio or handling the day-to-day operations of a direct credit card program. Total Card ManagementTM is designed to position community banks in the credit card business, promoting the bank’s identity while limiting or eliminating the bank’s exposure to risk and marketing costs. Bank employees can focus on building customer relationships rather than managing the day-to-day operations of a credit card program.

Our Total Card Management®Offers:

Portfolio Purchasing Solution

If your bank owns, or wants to own, a credit card portfolio and would like to maintain the bank branded card program, ICBA Bancard's Total Card Management® program can help your bank to increase and protect its customer base, while adding to the bottom line. If you're interested in selling your portfolio, TCM Bank, N.A.TM, a subsidiary of ICBA Bancard, will make a competitive offer for your credit card portfolio and continue to offer your customer the very best in community bank service.

Total Card Management® 20/20 Plan

The 20/20 Plan is designed for community banks that want to offer a credit card program to further develop their customer relationships, while also eliminating the hassles and risks commonly associated with traditional card programs. When you choose the 20/20 Plan, Total Card Management® assumes all credit risk and fraud losses. Additionally, the 20/20 Plan has a competitive revenue structure that equals or exceeds the best payouts in the industry.

Total Card Management® Participation Plus® Plan

The Participation PlusSM Plan is designed to help your community bank increase and protect its most profitable customer base, while generating more revenue for your bank. The Participation PlusSM Plan allows you to share in a portion of your card program's liability in exchange for increased earnings.

Total Card Management® Business Card Options

  • Commercial card customers often have other, more valuable, relationships with your institution, which means the value of your program reaches beyond the business card product.

  • Other credit card companies offer stand-alone commercial credit cards hoping to cross-market other business services - merchant programs, lockbox, factoring, and DDA accounts. TCM Bank, N.A.TM knows that these options may not be acceptable to you. In order to maintain profitable relationships with your most important customers and minimize their inconvenience, we have several options available. All include our safe-harbor guarantee - your customers will not be cross-sold any non credit card financial products.

  • Sole Proprietors and Small Business - if your commercial customer is a business owner or employee who guarantees the account under his personal social security number, TCM Bank can issue, under our consumer program, with the business name embossed on the card. The due diligence and conversion process for existing accounts includes a review of business accounts because they may already meet these criteria or could meet them with a simple guarantee from the owner or other qualified individual.

  • Business Card Management - BCM is a solution for your commercial credit card needs but flexible enough to satisfy your financial institution's goals. It relieves your institution of routine management, service, and accounting responsibilities while giving you the desired control of lending decisions and relationship management.

  • Business Card Features

Total Card Management® Benefits

  • Build and Strengthen Customer Relationships - Customers demand full service product options from their primary financial institution, which includes credit cards. Adding or maintaining a credit card program not only builds customer loyalty but directly adds to the banks bottom line. Your bank can directly compete with big-name competitors without the hassles by using the Total Card Management® program.

  • Promote Your Bank's Identity - Total Card Management®, in conjunction with a leading marketing firm, design card products and direct mail solicitations that are competitive with the largest issuers in the industry. We provide quality credit card products and marketing materials while keeping your hometown name and identity. The program includes a variety of other customer mailings and in-branch marketing materials, enhancing customer contact and service - all at no cost to you.

  • Maximize Resources And Retain Your Best Customer - Your employees can focus on building customer relationship and achieving your banks objectives rather than managing the day-to-day operations of your credit card program. Card professionals at Total Card ManagementTM respond to your customers card needs and handle all aspects of the card maintenance.

  • Rely on Confidentiality and Privacy - Your bank's customer list is confidential and secure and we guarantee will not be used to cross-sell any other products. Customer information is used only for your credit card mailings - mailings that promote your bank's card product.

  • Earn Additional Income - A competitive revenue structure guarantees income.

Case Studies

See how support from TCM Bank, ICBA Bancard’s credit card bank, has helped other community banks like yours develop and maintain successful credit card programs.

Interested in Selling Your Bank’s Card Portfolio?

If your bank has an existing portfolio and is interested in the Total Card Management®  option, TCM Bank, N.A. will review your credit card portfolio and provide a competitive evaluation. Staff will coordinate with FIS, our data processing partner, to ensure the transfer of your card portfolio is as seamless as possible. When your bank becomes an agent bank for TCM Bank, N.A. your bank’s name remains prominently on the cards.



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